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I’ve been working as an artist for 20 plus years working predominately in the medium of cardboard. As an artist with a disability, I realized early in my career that I wanted to develop a process that was inclusive to myself and others. I have designed my cardboard sculpture workshops as part of a continuing commitment to enable students from all backgrounds to have equal access to sculptural activities. Working with cardboard has always been about creating and supporting a level playing field for the arts, as a material, you are free to make anything you can imagine. The process moves from flat card to building form and structure. This can be adapted to different key stages, starting with smaller scale semi relief to more larger scale freestanding pieces, even a castle that’s big enough for a class to fit into! The cardboard box is not only the material but can be the container for the artwork itself, creating interconnecting spaces. Using simple materials and tools, in a non-studio environment, students can continue their artistic journey outside of the classroom.


James Lake is an internationally renowned artist and an exceptional art teacher. As trustees of a young person’s arts charity, The Helen Foundation, we visit schools regularly to see professional artists funded by the charity running workshops. It is not given to every artist - however gifted - to be able to communicate well with young people. We have seen James working with numerous groups of young people from ages 7-19 and have never ceased to be deeply impressed. James has a quiet authority in dealing with young people, rapidly earns their trust and works skilfully to bring out the best in them. He builds their confidence and helps them develops new skills, tackling sometimes very demanding tasks. Feedback from his workshops shops has never been less than excellent.

 - Annie and Roger, The Helen Foundation

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