Nova Marshall

aim4 Partnerships CiC

London/Home counties, Online/Virtual, South East
Specialising in
Ceramics, Crafts, Design, Printmaking, Sculpture
Educational phases
Adult, EYFS, FE, Middle, Primary, Secondary
You will often find me wearing a boilersuit, usually covered in paint and badges, creating art with children and young people on participatory art projects. I am constantly inspired by those that I work with and enjoy the democratic facilitation process and sharing of ideas. I enjoy the challenge of working with materials that I have not worked with before; no two projects are the same be they a one-off art workshop with a class of 8-year-olds or a large community art installation created by lots of people! Much of the work created is youth-led and highly participatory, enabling and engaging children and young people to create their own agenda for the arts.


Nova worked with us as part of a National Lottery award to raise awareness of violent crime, child-grooming and drug issues on the Thanington estate. She has been wonderful to work with and the young people love her. Her understanding of the challenges facing young people and her patience in the engagement process has meant we have a very successful and positive project; totally led by the young people. Art and creativity enable young residents to express themselves in an alternative way and I would recommend Nova and her approach to everyone.

 - Paula Spencer, CEO/Manager, Thanington Neighbourhood Resource Centre, Canterbury

Contact details

Phone: 07888 834751
Best contact times: Anytime except Mondays